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Argos Engineers works with you to provide the answers needed to make informed decisions. By eliminating guesswork for the important decisions, you can improve safety and reduce costs. We have provided engineering consulting services in the structural mechanics, thermal and fluid analysis fields to many important companies. These services have included sophisticated computer modeling, field measurements and “back-of-the-envelope” discussions. Whichever was most suitable for the situation at hand.

Argos Engineers is a smaller, responsive team, ready to begin initial fact finding immediately. Our experience working with plant personnel and in the field allows us to obtain the data needed to perform the appropriate analyses.

Our rapid response saves you time.
Our analysis removes guesswork.
Our solutions allow you to improve safety and reduce costs.

Argos Engineers serves the Chemical, Energy, Legal/Insurance, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas Industries; both private enterprises and government agencies.

Our services range from code and regulatory compliance to advanced analyses such as buckling, creep, fracture, and wear analysis.

Tell us what your current situation is and we can immediately begin working on a solution together.



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