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Argos Engineers provides specialty engineering services worldwide to industry:

Legal / Insurance

Our objective is to provide the best knowledge available appropriate for the current issue and solutions ranging from a quick assessment, allowing you to make an informed decision in a short timeframe, to detailed analyses that provides additional confidence and understanding.

Finite Element Model
of a Tool Component

Modified Hopper Structure

Our team is known for providing industry decision makers with the necessary analysis, results and cost effective solution options needed to lead their companies. Our assistance helps you minimize downtime, comply with regulations, eliminate purchasing unnecessary equipment and operate safely.

Our team is smaller, responsive and nimble so we can usually be on the ground providing assistance immediately.

Our approach is low risk and high return. We get at the heart of a technical problem quickly with an initial assessment to provide you with options.

Our deliverables include next step options, level of certainty and the risks for each option. So you can decide how to proceed within the constraints of your organization’s priorities and budget.

In addition to our knowledgeable in house staff, we have a host of specialized resources that we call upon as necessary for their particular expertise. This provides you with the most skilled resources available to address your issue.

Finite Element Model of a
Piping System



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