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Engineering Specialties Used:
Stress Analysis

While investigating efficiency envelope issues, a large compressor was found to be operating outside design parameters. The inlet piping configuration was identified to be different than what the license holder recommended. Stress analysis of the recommended configuration and the existing design showed that the potential for compressor nozzle load exceedence existed, which could contribute to the identified efficiency envelope issues. However, the severity of an exceedence could not be quantified by calculations alone.

Strain Gage Installation


Strain gages were installed on the piping at the compressor inlet while the unit was operating. The unit was then shut down for scheduled maintenance allowing for piping nozzle load changes to be measured. Strain data was also collected on startup, while shut down and during operations. Piping supports were carefully observed during shut down and start up to determine displacements and any gap closure changes. This data was then used to determine the exact compressor nozzle loading during operation for comparison to the compressor manufacturer’s recommended limits.

Piping Displacement Measurements
Measuring the compressor nozzle loading directly removed the approximations which are inherent in any analysis technique. Using the field measurements along with the analysis results allowed for a complete understanding of the system’s behavior with confidence. Argos Engineers is ready to partner with your operations personnel. Use field measurements for strain, displacement, vibration, temperature, or some other physical parameter to remove guess work. Let us provide the field measurements needed to make operating decisions with certainty.

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