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An existing facility may need to be modified or a new facility may need to be built. The facility could need foundations, structural steel, pressure vessels, piping, rotating equipment, specialty equipment or utilities. A soils report may be needed or code minimum values may be all that is required. Large industrial facilities are typically “one-of-a-kind” and require getting it right the first time. If they are not well thought out and adequately designed, they can provide years or problematic service.

Finite Element Model of an
Industrial Structure


For projects up to $10MM, Argos Engineers can provide cost efficient designs to support your project needs. Whether modifying an existing facility or installing a new one, Argos Engineers can partner with your facility or home office staff to provide what is needed. Our familiarity with national codes and standards and company specifications makes us a knowledgeable partner. Our past work modifying existing systems and designing “green field” facilities makes us an experienced partner. Our non-bureaucratic company structure makes us an efficient partner. We especially enjoy challenging projects that involve high or low temperatures, high pressures, extreme environments, vibrations or wear. We also work with building contractors before and during construction to provide safe, cost effective and functional facilities.

Industrial Staging Facility

Knowledge of industry practices provides efficiency. Experience at existing facilities provides confidence. An advanced engineering analysis capability provides critical answers when needed. Smaller, focused design teams provide cost savings. Argos Engineers is ready to partner with you to provide safe, cost effective and functional facilities.

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