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Legal / Insurance

Engineering Specialties Used:
Field Measurements
Stress Analysis
Power Transmission

A foreign corporation purchased several vehicle testing components for installation in a foreign country. The components did not perform as promised and the manufacturer did not remedy the situation. The foreign corporation hired legal council and experts to pursue legal remedies. Argos Engineers provided expert opinions regarding the mechanical behavior of the test equipment and the causes of the observed failures. 

Large Vehicle Field Testing


A three dimensional finite element model (FEM) was built to quantify the mechanical behavior of the equipment frame. Closed-form calculations were prepared to quantify power transmission forces for use with the FEM and for comparison to individual component manufacturer’s limits. Field testing was conducted to observe the component performance in service and to document the failure mechanisms for comparison to the calculated values and component limits. A simplified description of the observed failures and graphics were prepared for presentation to non-technical personnel.

Finite Element Model
of a Steel Frame Assembly

By providing a clear and simple description of the equipment’s behavior and the reasons for the observed failures, the two parties were able to reach a settlement. Argos Engineers is ready to work with your legal and insurance personnel to obtain a clear understanding of the technical issues and to develop a strategy for presenting the findings. Let us provide the expert opinions needed to help determine the appropriate course of action.

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