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We offer a broad range of engineering analysis and design services from the basics of code and regulatory compliance, stress and thermal analysis, to intermediate challenges of fatigue, seismic and vibration analysis to the complexities of buckling, fracture and wear analysis.
Our team is skilled in using Finite Element Model software to complete a thorough analysis.

General Services:

Design Services
Expert Witness
Failure Analysis
Fluids Analysis
General Engineering Services
Maintenance Support
Regulatory Compliance
Structural Mechanics
Thermal Analysis

Particular Capabilities:
Blast Analysis
Buckling Analysis
Code Compliance
Creep Analysis
Dynamic Analysis
Fatigue Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
Fracture Analysis
Functional Analysis
Impact Analysis
Inelastic Analysis
Life Extension
Noise Evaluation
Risk Reduction
Seismic Analysis
Shutdown Support
Stress Analysis
Structural Analysis
Transient Thermal
Turnaround Support
Vibration Analysis
Wear Analysis
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